Promotion and Production

Every great campaign or event needs a compelling message and means to communicate it with those who care, should care, or who you want to care. We make this happen too.

At the core of what EW Group does for every program we build is work with our clients to develop comprehensive marketing plans that include focused goals, strategies and tactics to target the right kind of audience that will drive action. Our leadership team develops a creative, direct-to-target promotional approach to reach the audiences that will make the most difference for our clients.

EW Group offers full-service marketing options and specializes in areas endemic to our field, especially in methods of marketing fundraising events. Our Promotion and Production services include:

  • Fundraising Tool Kit Design and Production
  • On-line Fundraising Tool Sourcing, Design & Production
  • Web Site Design and Production
  • On-line Social Media Campaign Development
There’s thousands of ways to promote our clients’ programs. . . EW Group makes the best ones happen!