Non-Profit Consulting

When your cause is compelling, your organization needs help, you need to make a program or event a reality and get it done right, and you don’t have the resources to do it yourself, the EW Group is who you can trust to Make it Happen.

Much of our core experience lies in helping non-profit organizations find customized solutions that not only raise funds, but enable them to create strong and enduring relationships with constituents, donors, sponsors and supporters. EW Group comes with a wide-breadth of knowledge on governance, development, strategic planning and marketing that makes us noted authorities in the non-profit sector. We start with some key ingredients, bringing “for profit” thinking to the non-profit arena, treating “charities” as “businesses” and ultimately, delivering thriving organizations, supporting campaigns and events—the kind of impactful results, that your cause needs to make a long-term difference in the world.

EW Group’s Corporate and Government clients also benefit from our vast consulting experience in the Non-profit arena. . . from conceptualizing and executing strategic promotional campaigns to developing and managing targeted programs and events, we bring their visions to life by creating powerful, sustainable plans designed to produce successful results for years to come.

From helping clients navigate through the creation of a 501(c) (3) to fully evaluating their situation and resources to planning for expansion, effecting change and program implementation, EW Group can provide you with everything you need to realize the potential of your cause, company or organization and Make It Happen now!