Event Creation

There is a certain art form in understanding and implementing the vision of a client. You must become in-sync from both a macro and micro level. We’ve spent many years creating events that effectively capture the essence of that vision with a keen eye on budgetary limits, proper branding, detailed logistical planning and implementing an infrastructure that ensures programs match their fundraising and awareness goals. Creativity meets operational expertise when working with EW Group. Let us show you how we “Make It Happen!”


Have you ever tried to get a major bridge, tunnel, highway or city block closed down for an event? It’s not an easy task unless you have the know-how and relationships in place to get it done. EW Group has the tangible experience to work behind the scenes and in the trenches to produce and manage seamless events that include tactical logistics planning throughout the United States. Team members spend every day thinking about how to achieve and maximize the vision, mission and goals of our clients, with a sense of urgency and accountability that’s built into the EW DNA. We understand the work behind the work and have successfully created events in the thick of New York City as well as small town America.


Latent donors? Let us reel them in. Great potential? Let us make it work. Participants look for guidance and inspiration. EW Group Makes It Happen…

  • Mission: Event participants are more than witnesses; let EW Group activate them to your cause.
  • Coaching: Fundraising doesn’t have to be intimidating. Every day, we show participants how fun and easy it can be to see results.
  • Recruitment: We can find your next star volunteer, donor or advocate, just by keeping in touch…including as a virtual participant!
  • Convenience: Why staff a whole department to reach your constituency? Our professionals have you covered.


At the core of what EW Group does for every program we build is the development of event-focused marketing plans that include focused goals, strategies and tactics to target the right kind of audiences. EW has a full-service marketing team specializes in handling every need that comes with running successful events, from PR and online fundraising, through custom collateral development and branding/identity design.

Volunteer Management

The volunteers who bring each program to life are essential to success. At EW Group, we pride ourselves in using the very best team for every campaign and event we produce, making sure they are properly trained on all aspects of their job – whether the team was hired by EW or brought in by our clients. Creating job descriptions, pre-event and day-of-event volunteer training and event management are all part of the EW checklist.

“For 20 years, NYU has now entrusted EW Group with its enormously important Grad Alley event, and for every year, they’ve nailed it! Producing an event on the streets of Manhattan, combined with organizing this graduation festival for 15,000 guests has the potential of being a logistics nightmare; yet Rich and his team pull it off flawlessly every year. NYU has been very fortunate to have EW Group as long time partner by enabling the University to create and implement an institutionalized way to bid adieu to the students and send them off to the real world.” In addition, they have supported NYU in many other ways from Homecoming to Parents Weekend to their seamless execution of several internal and external Conferences on campus. I truly consider EW Group part of the NYU Family!”

Greg Albanis

Senior Director of University Events, NYU

“We had far more attendees than we had hoped for and EW Group did an excellent job of keeping the ship afloat. Many conference attendees commented about how smoothly everything ran, which is thanks in no small part to Rich and his team. They did an amazing work in planning and executing such an important event.”

Jannette Sadik-Khan

Commissioner, New York City Department of Transportation

“EW Group has been the most valuable partner of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America for 7 years—delivering MG Walks in as many as 40 communities nationwide. CEO Rich Mauch and his dedicated core team represent MGFA as if we were their own family. Their work for the MGFA is much more than professionally-executed MG Walk logistics. EW Group’s team members have developed relationships with our top team captains and walkers, helped MGFA to form community groups to enhance programming, and to more than double the campaign revenue of our rare disease organization. They are road warriors, taking our MG Walk to communities from coast to coast…raising both funds and awareness. Following the most successful MG Walk Campaign ever in 2017, the MGFA and MG community look forward to working with the EW Group in 2018 and beyond!”

Nancy Law,

CEO, Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America